quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Let’s go to the end, baby.


Let’s go to the end, baby.

I love you? No. But… Yeah.

I love you, and you know it, however you think too much and don’t accept this.

My mind is a battlefield and my heart is a mine field.

Boom, boom, boom.

I need questions, I need answers and I need happiness.

Give-me it, Give-me it now. Give me what I want;

And have what you dream all the nights, all the alone nights.

You search your projects in a million, and I’m here. Always.

And you don’t see me.

I will not beg, but I will not give up.

Let’s go to the end of this Thriller night, baby.

I need your love and you need love, smiles and patience.

I’ll give it for you.

Let’s go to the end of this saga, dear.

I will fight every day for yours arms, your lips and your mind.

Take this puzzles and scares apart.

Hold me and yell with me.

All the days.

All the nights.

All the time.

[Evie Evans]


Hei-de morrer deitada naquele segredo que te dirá que sempre fui tua. (alguém da net)